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Monday, January 24, 2011

Latest obsessions...

What have I been eating lately, you might ask?

Lox: Portlock has a retail store in Seattle and the owner/operator is SO NICE, it's an absolute pleasure to go in. Not to mention, 1 lb packages of "trim" are, like, $8. If you're in Seattle, I'd highly recommend stopping in! I eat it on either Triscuits or Wasa crackers with a smear of whipped cream cheese.

Yogurt: by now, we all know about Fage Greek yogurt. It's by far the best plain Greek yogurt (but if you like the pre-flavored kind, totally try Chobani - it's great!) I go in and out of yogurt phases and I'm definitely IN one now! Sweeten it with a few drops of ez-sweetz (or sweetzfree, whichever you prefer - sweetzfree is more expensive, but about twice as sweet), put in some frozen cherries/berries (hey, it's January - I refuse to purchase fresh berries in January on principle!) and top with a sprinkle of Kashi Go Lean Crunch (yummy like granola, but much healthier).

TJ's whole wheat premade pizza dough (it's possible that this isn't on your plan, if so, just skip this part. I've discovered that it's just not realistic for me to try to eat no/low carb. I just try to make as many of my carbs whole grain as possible): this is so good rolled out into a thin-crust pizza, with a smear of pesto, a bunch of part-skim mozzarella and a sprinkle of parm, and a chopped tomato.

TJ's frozen brown rice (see above disclaimer, low-carbers!): I love to cook a chicken dish on the weekend and warm it up all week. This rice is the perfect accompaniment. And the great thing about TJs is that it's so cheap - I normally hate premade stuff like this because the markup is just horrific, but this is totally affordable!

As always: no one ever gives me free shit in exchange for shoutouts, so you know that this is my real unbiased opinion :) I like to share things I've found that work well for me because I found similar posts so helpful when I was a sleeve newbie.

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