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This includes about 16 lbs. lost on my preop diet. I've lost the rest since surgery.

Sunday, June 6, 2010


I realize that I didn't invent this combination, but I am SO happy that I found it! A little background: I was a HUGE diet coke drinker pre-op. I mean, like 8-10 cans a day huge. HUGE. I kinda did everything huge pre-op. Anyway, I still really love pop, but don't want to drink that much of it for obvious reasons - #1 being that it's not that comfortable in the sleeve unless I sip it and #2 being that it's really not very good for you! And I've really tried to cut waaaay down on the aspartame. But god I love that fizzy pop feeling! SO, I created this spritzer:

Sleevey's Spritzer
1 part 100%, no sugar added juice (any kind, I love the Old Orchard apple-combinations and Mott's Medleys)
2 parts water
1 part club soda (or diet ginger ale if you don't mind a little aspartame)

I like to think that it's relatively healthy because of the small amount of juice (low calorie, but does provide some vitamins etc) and the water diluting the whole thing. The juice and the water really tone down the bubbliness of the soda. What I generally do is buy the frozen Old Orchard juice concentrates and then make them up super diluted (1/2 can to about 2 liters of water). Then everything's waiting in the fridge for me to make a cool and refreshing beverage.

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